Haposoft discussed technology management roles with Representatives from the Chiba Institute of Technology.

2023/08/18 15:14

On August 14, 2023, the Leadership Team of Haposoft had the opportunity to welcome Professor Konosu Tsutomu and students majoring in "Technology Project Management" from Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan – a university ranked in the top 36 in Japan according to the Time Higher Education WUR organization – to visit and exchange insights at the company's office.

During the meeting, the company's leadership openly shared their practical experience in operating and managing technology projects at Haposoft. They also answered the questions of the students revolving around this topic. Furthermore, the exchange with Professor Konosu Tsutomu regarding issues related to management and leadership in the Japanese business environment provided us with valuable information.

The sharing session took place in an actively engaging manner, with an informative exchange of information from both sides. This not only enriched the students' understanding but also enhanced the leadership team's insight into the actual operations of projects in the Japanese market. 

Through this sharing session, Haposoft aims to contribute additional research materials to the delegation's studies and hopes that these insights will inspire them to further their development and contribute to the overall progress in the information technology sector between Vietnam and Japan.