Global Reach, Local Strength: Haposoft and Mr. Tanabe's IT Vision

2024/01/29 16:00


Entering 2024, Haposoft, a dynamic IT software development firm with a strong presence in the Japanese market for 8 years, welcomed a notable start to the year. We were honored by the visit of Mr. Tanabe, a respected figure in the IT industry. His presence at our Vietnamese headquarters symbolized the strength of our international relationships and our commitment to expanding globally. In this post, we share insights from Mr. Tanabe's visit, reflecting on how his expertise shapes our approach to embracing global opportunities in IT. 

Mr.Tanabe, CEO of Gut Feeling Laboratory Inc with a solid connection to our company, recently visited our headquarters in Vietnam. His trip marked a significant milestone in our ongoing collaboration, particularly with the Japanese market. This visit served as a bridge, enhancing our international partnership and underscoring our commitment to global expansion in IT outsourcing. Mr. Tanabe's presence and insights during this visit were invaluable, fostering more profound understanding and collaboration between our teams.

Redefining IT Frontiers: Mr. Gage Tanabe's Insights on AI and Global Expansion

In a candid conversation with Mr. Gage Tanabe, his depth of knowledge and experience in the IT and AI sectors shone through. He shared insightful perspectives on global market dynamics and the evolving role of technology in business. 

AI Ethics and Evolution

In an enlightening exchange with Mr. Gage Tanabe, we delved into the intricacies of AI and global market strategy. He frankly shared

"AI is not about a business or technology, it is about the people's value, people's dignity." 

He also expressed concerns about the reliability and creativity of systems like ChatGPT, which calls for more grounded and rules-based approaches to AI.

Navigating Global Markets

When asked about strategies for international expansion, Mr. Tanabe emphasized the importance of understanding and adapting to diverse cultural and business practices. He highlighted that precision and transparency are non-negotiable in any market. This perspective underscores the need for adaptable yet consistent strategies in global ventures.

Haposoft Partnership and Growth

Reflecting on his long-standing relationship with our company, he praised our agility and transparency, crucial traits for thriving in the fast-paced IT industry: "Very transparent and honest; very quick and speedy." He also pointed out areas for growth, particularly in adapting our strategies for varied international markets.

He concluded with inspiration for the youth: "Work hard and strive. Make yourself easy and be happy. Working is fun." His words echo the dynamic and fulfilling nature of the IT industry.

Building Global Bridges: Insights from Mr. Tanabe's Speech and Haposoft's Vision for 2024

At Haposoft's new-year gathering, Mr. Tanabe shared valuable insights, affirming the vital role of our partnership in navigating competitive markets. He eloquently stated,

“To compete with big corporations, we rely on Haposoft's support. Our winning edge lies in idea-driven competition and speed. Accomplishing our goals with Haposoft, our trusted partner, is essential, especially when building relationships with people in locations over 6 hours away by plane. Discussing rare innovative ideas and the capability to actualize them with Haposoft is indeed our most powerful weapon.”

This sentiment beautifully resonates with our 2024 mantra, 'Root to Rise: From Solid Roots to New Heights.' It symbolizes our journey of cultivating a robust foundation to achieve sustainable and expansive growth globally. As we embrace this guiding principle, we embark on a path filled with innovative endeavors and collaborative triumphs.

In conclusion, as we share this story, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Haposoft is not just about technology but about creating a community where innovation thrives and partnerships flourish. Let us soar to new heights together!