To consider interactions from the customers and users's points of view to build apps is our way. We give the best proposal of IOS, android and hybrid application which is suitable for customers'request and budget.

We develop in many ranges from SAAS cloud service, matching system, EC site to corporate site. With a lot of experieces of not only infrastructure construction of the Web system, back end but also design, front end, UI & UX, we also propose appropriate technolpgy to build production to satisfy customers'need.

Provide business systems with full services from server development to comprehensive development. With strength in developing web, we support various stages in developing business system such as support, operation management and consulting stage.

To avoid missing business opportunities, we provide the high quality human resource which can satisfy your requirements. We can supply not only regular staffs but also temporary staffs.


smartphone application development


web system development


business process system


hr consulting

Cooperation Types

Project Based

We provide Project Based Development service in which you will know exactly how long the project's completion will take and how much you will need to pay. We will ship the production on-time for an agreed-upon price.

Advantage of entrusted development

  1. Able to evaluate product of the project
  2. Able to detail clearly the budgets of each function in projects
  3. Following waterfall process to develop productions
  4. Develop in the shortest term with suitable human resource

Offshore Development Center

It is a type of contract which you can secure high quality staffs in a certain period of time. By securing this high human resource, you can request to develop productions flexibly and build specific know-how process.

It is suitbale for these firms

  1. Have periodic projects and want to secure excellent staff members for projects
  2. These firms lacking resources want to increase product-line in short term
  3. These firms want to develop their product-line at oversea but they consider to outsource firstly