Company Name Haposoft Co.,Ltd
Business Fields

Business Process System Development

Web System Development

Smartphone Application Development

Blockchain System Development

HR Consulting (IT Engineer)

Establishment 2016/10/14
Capital $50,000
Headquater 7F MITEC Tower, Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Number of Employees 40 (2019/02)


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    Chung Tran


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    Linh Nguyen

    Sale Manager

    (Q1 ) which experience of living and working in Japan affet your career in Vietnam?

    (A1 ) Learning and leaving in Japan is one of the most interesting time in mylife. After coming back Vietnam to work, the experience learning from Japanese is very helpful for my career. "Do everything on time" and "understand the customers's needs and expectations" are my career guides.

    (Q2 ) What is your best skill ?

    (A2 ) I studied international politics of development and financy at Japanese graduate school. So I think my best skill is to analyse monetary policy.

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    Kien Phan

    Division 1 Manager

    (Q1 ) which experience of living and working in Japan affet your career in Vietnam?

    (A1 ) "Working for a Japanese company taught me many lessons specially about working process, teamwork skill and attitude to work. Teamwork is highly stressed in the Japanese workplace. Showing solidarity by attending after-hours office functions is important for getting promotions and proving that the success of the company. And review process is strict too. It makes sure that every product is perfect. Besides, my Japanese skill is also improved during this year working at Japan. "

    (Q2 ) Why did you decide to join Haposoft after lefting the big Japanese IT company?

    (A2 ) I always challenge myselt to think outside a box. Haposoft is a Vietnamese start up with a professional enviroment and ambitious members. I can use my experience of working and leaving in Japan, and produce many high quality products satiffied not only Japanese quality standard but also international standard at Haposoft.

    (Q3 ) What is your best skill ?

    (A3 ) As an IT engineer, my hobby is learning the lastest technologies. This knowledge will help me complete my project perfectly. So I think my best skill is learning new technologies in short-time.

    (Q4 ) which was the biggest project you have joined? Describe it.

    (A4 ) I have joined to develop a Japanese social network with 1,000,000 users. Almost of users are Japanese students. This social network support to organize team-buidling activities, send emails and receive messages.

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    Dam Nguyen

    Division 1 Technical Leader

    (Q1 ) what is your best skill?

    (A1 ) Besides the ability to code in many languages as javascript. php, nodejs...my strenghts are studying by myseft, acquiring new knowledge and applying new technology to projects .

    (Q2 ) which was the biggest project you have joined? Describe it.

    (A2 ) "The large-scale biggest project I have joined is 80man/month. This project can help connect hospitals and doctors with patients and patients's families. So it takes the treatment more effectively".

    (Q3 ) What is your biggest passion in your job ?

    (A3 ) Make the best of everything.

    (Q4 ) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    (A4 ) Become a tech leader making the right technical decisions for stacks and building base for big projects.

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    Duc Tran

    Web engineer

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    Tung Phan

    Web engineer

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    Minh Cao

    Web engineer

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    Truong Phan

    Web engineer

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    Web Engineer

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    Phuong Trieu


  • {"id":34,"team_member_id":17,"lang":"en","name":"Minh Nguyen","position":"Frontend Developer","created_at":"2017-07-13 18:06:36","updated_at":"2017-07-13 18:06:36","deleted_at":null} read more

    Minh Nguyen

    Frontend Developer

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    Nghia Vu

    Division 1 Smartphone Developer

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    Nhat Hoang

    Smartphone App Developer

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    Duong Truong

    QA Engineer

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    Duong Nguyen

    Division 1 UI/UX Designer

    (Q1 ) what is your best skill?

    (A1 ) Creative thinking, ability to learn digital design platforms.

    (Q2 ) which is the most important thing to make a good UI/UX production?

    (A2 ) Dont make user think.

    (Q3 ) What is your biggest passion in your job ?

    (A3 ) Make everything around me beautiful.

    (Q4 ) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    (A4 ) Become UX designer (User experience designer).

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    Lam Nguyen

    QA Engineer

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    Vinh Dang


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    Trang Vu

    UI/UX Designer

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    Nghia Luu


    (Q1 ) what is your best skill?

    (A1 ) My strenght is that I can learn modest technologies fastly and I always get to work in high spirit.

    (Q2 ) Why did you decide to become a Haposoft's member after graduating HEDSPi programing of Hanoi University of Science and Technology?

    (A2 ) working in a professional enviroment where you can learn not only technology but also life experiece from colleagues and through projects is that why i decided to choose Haposoft after graduation.

    (Q3 ) What is your biggest passion in your job ?

    (A3 ) everyday a new thing will come and make me grow up. I think it is my biggest passion in my job

    (Q4 ) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    (A4 ) Become a full stack web developer

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    Hoang Nguyen

    Division 2 Web Developer

    (Q1 ) what is your best skill?

    (A1 ) "Highly adaptable to working enviroment change. Working with high spirit and resposiblebility. Solve problem calmly. Listening the voice from customer to improve working process and myself. They are my strong points."

    (Q2 ) Why did you decide to become a Haposoft's member after graduating HEDSPi programing of Hanoi University of Science and Technology?

    (A2 ) After graduation, I had received many offer letters from IT companies. But I chose Haposoft. Because Haposoft has a professional enviroment and many opportunity to work with Japanese clients. Besides, the policy for training a fresh graduate studen is very good.

    (Q3 ) What is your biggest passion in your job ?

    (A3 ) The biggest passion in work is to be able to learn new technology to meet requirements from clients and give the best solutions for projects.

    (Q4 ) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    (A4 ) Become a technical leader after being a full stack developer.

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